Wednesday, April 30, 2014 is out!

After 9 months of work since the inception of the idea was finally launched today. This certainly calls for a celebration, however the champagne must wait for a few weeks as part of the team is in Budapest, Hungary while others are in London. Good thing we have cheap airlines and Hangout these days.

Based on our own experiences and those of friends in the PPC business we have realised that PPC specialists and analysts spend most of their time preparing reports for customers and consequently only a small amount of time remains to carry out the review and analysis of the campaign efficiency.

This immediately makes one think of ways of automating reporting or preparing data for human consumption, so we looked around on the web and found quite a few tools. Some of them were good in certain respects: a few could make beautiful diagrams on a handful of metrics, others could export the data to Excel, whereas a couple handled a wide variety of sources of data.

What was missing in all of them is a uniform approach to all web data, a single way to get the data from all the sources, be it Google Analytics or Facebook or Twitter. Web analytics needs a platform that people in finance already have in the form of Bloomberg and Reuters, a kind of gateway to all web data!
Loganis Community Thus the idea behind was born. We brazenly envisaged the creation of a community site that enables everyone interested in web data (Google Analytics, Facebook Insight and the likes) to download it using a single tool and a single "language". Reporting and analysis is now easy; one can use the built-in Loganis dashboard or take the data straight to Excel to transform and visualise it with all the power of the good old spreadsheet.

For the more techie-minded: works much like a proxy that makes accessing and querying web data simple and uniform - independent from the source; you can easily summarise all "engaged" visitors from your various web sites and Facebook pages for example.

Loganis is not a software, it is a service: and in that it is a free one. Why? Because we think people should spend their time analysing data and not struggling to obtain it.
We believe data from the web (and also offline sources) is far more interesting and useful than it is given credit to. Big data is a term used often today yet it still needs to deliver any change in the daily life of your data scientist or PPC manager working for a digital marketing agency.

So data scientists (or marketing analysts, programmers, PPC experts) of the world: sign up and start creating queries, dashboards and get the data you crave! Just go to and click on "Sign up".


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